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Experimentor Workbench is incredibly easy to use

Our software has some awesome features such as using the language of research, easily interacting with external devices, exporting your data directly to Excel, and so much more; designed from the ground up for the scientific researcher.
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Experimentor Workbench makes it easy to train your subjects and then run delayed matching to spatial sample experiments
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We also make it easy to run experiments like delayed matching to colour sample with your touch screen or a mouse.
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Experimentor can remember the correct answers between sessions, making long-term memory experiments easy.
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Experimentor is focused on enabling you to easily build your own completely new experiments, or have us help write the initial codes.
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About the software

Experimentor Workbench is specialized research software designed to make it easy for you to do five fundamental things:

    1. Easily define your sessions, trials, and phases in the language of research
    2. Interact with your subjects via the keyboard, mouse, screen, touch screens, audio, etc.
    3. Operate your specialized research hardware such as guillotine doors, food hoppers, shockers, infrared beams, etc.
    4. Read data from your external hardware
    5. Save everything about the session and easily export it all to Excel

So you write some simple codes in a specialized easy-to-use scientific-research specific language – and we can help you write up your experiment, usually in a day or two – and then you start running subjects.  The software records everything that happens in a session and you can export all of your data directly to Microsoft Excel.  We’ve got customers using touch screens with birds, and other customers not using the screen at all but controlling hardware to interact with rats.  This software is focused on helping you realize your experimental ideas quickly.

Feature highlights

Define trials

The ability to define trials is built right into the language

Define phases

Easily define phases inside your trials

Display shapes

Easily create and display images, squares, and circles on the screen

Display text

Display text in any font, colour or size anywhere on the screen

Play sounds

Plays sounds such as MP3 or WAV files

React to subjects

Easily respond to a subject’s clicks, pecks, beam breaks, etc

Touch screens

Works with touch screens for research with animals, children or the elderly

Keyboard & mouse

Of course Experimentor can also work with a keyboard and mouse

Saves everything

Saves everything, so you don’t have to worry about having the data you need

Custom data

Easily save your own data (such as timer results or calculations) during a session

Export to Excel

Export all of your data directly to Microsoft Excel for easy analysis


Built-in functions for scientific researchers


Screen margins allow smaller animal subjects to reach shapes on the screen


Control external devices such as food hoppers, and read from external devices such as infrared beams


Start and stop timers with millisecond precision