I’ve just released a new version with two important new features and a bug fix:

Feature 1: Grid functions

There are two new functions available:  moveShapesOnGrid() and moveShapesRandomlyOnGrid().  Not surprisingly, these two functions will aranage a collection of shapes in a grid – you get to specify the width/height of the grid, and how many rows and columns to fit into that area.  The help has been updated with information on these functions.  This lets you arrange shapes like this (note above that the shape in the middle is the reference shape, and does not need to be visible).

Feature 2: A language feature called “named parameters”

Because there were more and more functions with a large number of parameters, it was becoming difficult to remember the parameters and what each one represented.  So now you can use the names from the documentation right in your codes to help remember.

So instead:

moveShapesRandomlyOnGrid( centreRect, 100%, 100%, 2, 5, shapes )which is a little cryptic, we can now do this:

moveShapesRandomlyOnGrid( centreRect, width=100%, height=100%,
rows=2, columns=5, shapes )
which I hope is much more readable.  Note that your existing codes will continue to work just fine as they are – you don’t have to change them unless you want to.  Every function supports this new syntax (not just the new ones).

Bug fixes

  • Previously, if you saved an experimenter, subject or program with an empty name and then closed Experimentor Workbench, you couldn’t re-open it with that database; this has now been fixed, and empty names no longer crash the program.

Next version…

There are a few things coming in the next version, which we expect out next week:

  • The ability to delete programs you no longer need.  For safety, we’re not actually going to delete them from the database but will instead just mark mark them as deleted so they won’t show up in the Programs list any more.  If you really want to delete them you’ll need to do that from the database using SQL Studio. We’ll document how to do that in the help.
  • We’re also adding our sample programs directly to the application, so they are there for copying and modifying (rather than copying them from the website).  There’s a lot more capability coming in this area, but it will take a while to evolve.
  • And one other really nice feature which I’m really excited about but you’ll have to wait. :-)

Enjoy exploring your ideas!