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v2012-06-13 – Animations!

Experimentor Workbench now supports animations.  It’s pretty straightforward, and just like the timer you can also use the start and stop keywords (just like for a timer) to restart or stop the animation later.

animate animateMe.x from 0% to 100% in 2 seconds

You can assign an animation to a variable:

define animateX = animate animateMe.x from 0% to 100% in 2 seconds

Which is how you can easily re-start it or stop it.  There’s a new built-in sample demonstrating animations.

I hope this helps!


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v2012-05-21 – 3+ monitors now supported

It is now possible to use Experimentor Workbench with more than two monitors.  For example, if your system has three monitors, one monitor can be used by the experimenter and two screens can be displayed to the subject.

There are a few important things that you need to consider to get this working; you can read about it in the updated documentation.

I hope that helps!


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v2012.04.27.58 – Checkerboards

This version introduces the new moveShapesOnCheckerBoard() function, which works very much like the moveShapesOnGrid() functions but is easier to use when creating a checkerboard pattern.  Additionally, a few bugs around creating new databases and opening existing database have been fixed.

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Bug fix release: v2012.04.12.53

Fixed a major bug that crashed programs using +=, and fixed a small bug that caused the display of duplicate phases in a session’s hierarchy view.

Additionally, I added a small shortcut when creating lists: it’s now possible to use the “create” command inside a list definition. […]

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Feature release: v2012.04.05.36

This release dramatically improves the parser’s error messages so that they’re actually useful!  Additionally, you can now double-click on an error message and it will take you to that error in the current program document.  Hopefully this helps when trying to solve problems with your codes. […]

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Bug fix release: v2012.03.28.35

Fixed three bugs with this release, so there are no known bugs at this time. The most major and by far the hardest bug to solve caused a shape not to appear on the screen, but this only occurred once every 500 times (or so) on a single CPU machine. […]

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Bug fix release: v2012-03-27.31

There were a few bugs with the last release that my 1400+ automated tests didn’t catch.  Specifically, some of the code samples didn’t run on some computers because on those computers it wasn’t possible to add items to a collection; this is now fixed.  […]

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Major new release: v2012-03-26.30

There are a LOT of new features in this release; this is probably Experimentor’s biggest release so far! […]

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New release v2012.03.17.25

I’ve just released a new version with two important new features and a bug fix: […]

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