Arduino schematics

For your integrating pleasure, we’ve now got some schematics for hooking an Arduino into an input device, an on/off output device, and controlling a variable voltage output device using the pulse-width modulation output pins on the Arduino!


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New version: Easier shape/text/image creation!

So last week there was a new version that made it easier to create sounds; this week shapes, text and images are now easier to create as well!

You can read more about it on the shapes-images-and-text page and learn how you can define custom properties on your shapes.

This new shorter syntax really simplifies creating collection of shapes/text/images where each shape/text/image is unique. There are some examples on the collections page such as:

which displays a collection of shapes like the screen-shot above.

I hope this helps!


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New version: Updated sound creation

It’s now easier to create sounds; instead of defining a type of sound and then creating that type, you can simply use the following:

This makes creating sounds much easier, and allows allows you to easily create collections of sounds as well:

I hope this helps!


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New release – v2013.04.23 – with Serial port and Arduino support!

I’m very excited to announce a new release of Experimentor Workbench that now supports serial ports and the Arduino!  I’ve also fixed several very minor bugs, and made the log window remember 1,000 entries, rather than just the previous 100 entries. […]

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v2012.06.18 – Save data access & little fixes

This version allows you to see, edit and add subject data from a subject’s document!  What this means is that the same data that functions such as loadSubjectData() and saveSubjectData() use are now exposed to you through Experimentor Workbench. […]

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