To use the Arduino with Experimentor Software it’s necessary to first upload the appropriate C/C++ code to the Arduino. This code uses “commands” passed back and forth betwwen the computer running Experimentor Software and the Arduino, allowing the Experimentor codes to control the Arduino, and record all data received by the Arduino in the Experimentor database.

Unzip the code, and then open it with the Arduino IDE, you should have a window that looks like this:

The Experimentor Arduino code in the Adruino IDE

With your Arduino plugged into the computer through the USB cable, you need to upload the code to your Arduino; you can press Ctrl-U to do this, or use the File | Upload menu command. Your Arduino’s onboard LED (on pin 13 on the Arduino Uno) should start flashing to indicate that the Arduino is ready with the Experimentor Software program.

Using pin 13

By default, the Arduino code for Experimentor contains code to flash the on-board LED on pin 13, so you can look at the Arduino and know that the Experimentor code is running correctly.  If you wish to use pin 13 for your hardware instead of having it flash the LED, you can easily remove the flashing code and re-upload the Arduino C/C++ program. The code you need to comment out is remove is line 46 and looks like this:

Make the code look like this instead:

Once you’ve made that change, re-upload the program to the Arduino, and the pin will no longer flash and you can use pin 13 for your own uses.