Session devices tool window

During a session it can be very beneficial to see the devices (mock or real) and their current values.

The “Session devices” tool window on the right hand side of the application allows you to do this.

When there is no session running the tool window will be empty, and look like this:

Once the session defines and then creates some devices the devices will appear in the tool window.

The name of the device driver is in the header on the left, followed by your persistence name defined on the right.

The data-direction of the device (Input, Output, or InputOutput) is shown as is an indicator that shows if this device has been defined “with persistence”.  Note that the “With persistence” check-box is read-only; if you want to change this you’ll need to change the code.

The current value of the device is also displayed. If you have an input device generating hundreds of changes per second it is very likely that you will not see each data value; instead you will see as many data values as the GUI can reasonably display.

If the device is an output (or input/output) device then you can actually change the value of the device.  Simply type the new numeric value into the text box and press the “Enter” key.  Any time you press the Enter key the value of the device will be set.  Note however that this is allowing you to interact directly with the device driver, so there is no difference between you setting the device value and your code setting the value:  in both cases if you have defined the device “with persistence” the device value change will be saved into the database with this session.

Note that setting the output value using this text box does not work with serial port devices.