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In the exported Excel spreadsheet data for on-screen shapes are exported any time they are visible during a phase.  The values exported are the x,y values on the screen.

Researchers that want to calculate the distance between two shapes will need to use the classic Pythagorean equation:

Pathagorean equation

In our case, given X1 and X2 are the x co-ordinates of the two shapes.

 Pathagorean equation - a value

That is, the absolute value of the difference between the two X values.  In Excel, abs( A1 – A2 ) if A1 and A2 are the two X positions.

and with Y1 and Y2 the y co-ordinates of the two shapes:

Pathagorean equation - b value

Again, the vertical bars mean take the absolute value (with the abs() function in Excel).

This gives us:

Pathagorean equation - final


The screens can be a little confusing – especially if you’ve got two monitors so that you can see what’s on both of them.  However, we’ve actually tried to “do the right thing” with the screens, and you can read about it under the Primary and Secondary screens discussion.