Automatic updates

If your computer is connected to the internet then Experimentor will automatically and periodically check for available software updates.

This new feature is available from the bottom-right of the software:


If an update is available this message will change to:


Obviously clicking on the message will start the update process, but doing so will automatically shut-down Experimentor; for this reason you cannot perform an update during a session.

Once the software has shut down the update will be applied:


Clicking “Close” will restart Experimentor.

On Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines you will likely be prompted with a Windows UAC prompt.

Potential issues:

Some computers may have an “outbound” firewall, which means that software that is installed on the computer must go through the firewall to access the internet.  If your computer is running an outbound firewall, Experimentor will only be able to check for updates if you allow it access to the internet.