Data management

All of the data within Experimentor is stored inside a small SQLite database.   This includes the list of experimenters, the list of subjects, all of your programs, and of course all the data you have gathered so far (basically everything except the images you use in your code).

SQLite is a standard and high-performing SQL relational database, which can be read from many different programs including the excellent open-source SQLite database management tool SQLiteStudio available here:

Backing up your database

One of the elegant benefits of SQLite is that the entire database is stored in a single file.  The default Experimentor database is a single file that is located in your “My Documents” folder called: Experimentor.database.sqlite.   Therefore, to back up your database you can simply copy this file to your backup the (such as external hard drive, or USB thumb drive).  

Experimentor also provides an alternative method for backing up your current database file:  Choose the File “menu” from the top-left of the program and then choose “Backup…”  Experimentor will then ask you where to save your database backup.