Experimentor can be used to create and display numerous shapes, images and text on the screen for the subject to interact with.

Creating the 4 basic shapes:

The above program creates a circle, rectangle, some text and an image, all displayed on the screen for 5 seconds:

Circle, rectangle, text and an image


You can also create objects that do not appear on the screen, but can still be handy to organize and hold your variables (data):

The above codes define a custom object with two properties, “a” and “b”, and then on the second line prints out the value of “a” and the value of “b”.

Because a custom object like this has no default properties, you must use the “ define ” keyword before each variable, because you are defining all of the variables on your custom object.

Learn more

To learn more about creating shapes, see the basic syntax for create shapes, images or text

The object quick-reference (found directly under the main Documentation tab) defines all of the properties that each type of shape, image and text provide that you can use in your experiments.