There are a LOT of new features in this release; this is probably Experimentor’s biggest release so far!

  1. There’s a new application home page that displays the latest news and a collection of easy-to-use code samples for various types of research.  Just click on the sample’s title and it will automatically create a program from that sample.  I’m really interested in your feedback on this, so please respond in the forums and let me know what you think.
  2. Additionally, there’s a new “forums” button right next to the help button (at the top right of the application) which launches the forums page of, allowing you to quickly ask questions about Experimentor.
  3. Several new functions (hasSubjectData(), saveSubjectData(), and loadSubjectData() ) now allow you to easily save and load data for a particular subject between sessions!  This allows you to easily perform long-term experiments such as long-term memory or retention studies.  A new sample (included in the help and on the new Welcome page) demonstrates this.
  4. Other new functions include show() and hide() to show and hide collections of shapes more easily,
    and moveShapesRandomlyOnGrid() and moveShapesRandomlyOnGrid() which arrange a collection of shapes in a grid pattern with the number of rows and columns you specify.
    Additionally, the new choose() function lets you choose a random collection of items from a collection.
  5. The language itself has also received several updates:
    1. There is a new “for each” loop that allows you to iterate over a collection of items and do something with each item (this is really handy).
    2. The when clause now supports closures (this is very technical, but basically means things work the way you think they will when doing fancy things)
    3. The two standard boolean operators, “and” and “or”have been added to the language (finally!)
    4. You can now easily create an empty collection without creating a collection template first – just use “create collection” in your codes.
  6. The samples have been updated to take advantage of these new features

As always, you can find the latest version of the software on the downloads tab.

Enjoy, and I look forward to your feedback.