This version allows you to see, edit and add subject data from a subject’s document!  What this means is that the same data that functions such as loadSubjectData() and saveSubjectData() use are now exposed to you through Experimentor Workbench.Additionally, I made lots of little improvements to this release:

  • Added the ability for a phase to run another phase (sort of like a function, only I hope easier to use)
  • Fixed the “z” property on objects, so that they now correctly control the “height” of shapes on the screen; that is, when two or more shapes are overlapping, the “z” property controls which shapes will appear “over” other shapes.
  • Made the error message when adding/subtracting a number to/from a percent much more obvious and therefore hopefully easier to identify and fix.
  • Updated the screen to support irregular stretching of images (if you desire)

I hope this helps.