Hey Experimentors!!

v2014.01.02.150 is a MAJOR new release. We’ve rebuilt the entire sound system to use Windows Media Player internally (you never actually see Windows Media Player).  This allowed us to add many new features:

  1. Experimentor can now play many types of music files, including Wave (.wav), Windows Media Audio (.wma), MP4 Audio file (.m4a), Windows audio file (.aac, .adt, .adts), etc.
  2. Experimentor now supports waiting for a sound to finish, and it’s really easy too:  wait for mySound.  So you can start a sound (which will play asynchronously) and then continue doing some more things, and then wait for the sound to finish.  When the sound finishes playing (or is stopped) the wait statement will stop waiting and the code will continue.
  3. You can now also have a when clause for when the sound stops playing:

You can read the documentation to learn more about Experimentor’s sound capabilities.

If you are running Windows “N” which doesn’t come with Windows Media Player (really only available in Europe) then Experimentor will fall back to its old capabilities, and only be able to play .wav files, and the “wait” and “when” capabilities will not be available either.

Now that we’re using Windows Media Player to play sounds, it’s a small jump to use it for another major release with something else really exciting as well…

Finally, this release also fixes an annoying bug introduced in the December release where – without Diagnostic mode turned on – Experimentor would not actually connect to your Arduino, and then crash.

I hope that helps,